Pray for Enemies: How and What

Osama bin LadenHOW to Pray:

• In obedience (regardless of how you feel)
• In faith (certain of what God desires)
• In hope (confident of God’s goodness)
• In love (forgiving as you have been forgiven)
• In earnest (seriously and passionately)
• Without fear (courageously)
• With faithfulness (disciplined regular intervals)
• In a group (2-3 gathered together)

WHAT to Pray:

• For heart changes – example: “Father, lead ___ to repent for rejecting Jesus and declaring war on your children.”
• For dreams and visions – example: “Jesus, reveal yourself in dreams and visions to ___. May he not sleep in peace until he surrenders to you.”
• For irresistible pursuit by God’s Spirit – example: “Holy Spirit, relentlessly pursue ___ to the depths of his hideout, that he may not escape your grace.”
• For inescapable proclamation of God’s Word – example: “Jesus, may news of your free gift of eternal salvation reach the opened ears of ___.”
• For powerful demonstrations of God’s grace – example: “Lord, expose ___ to the precious testimony of Jesus’ followers.”
• For providential convergence of circumstances – example: “Father, orchestrate events (research and cite some) around ___ and his friends to facilitate these prayers.”
• For vulnerability – example: “Dear God, strip from ___ all his defenses that he may turn to Jesus for hope and salvation.”
• For conviction of sin and sense of shame – example: “Jesus, confront and overwhelm ___ with his shameful deeds and sinful nature till he becomes desperate for righteousness from you.”
• For freedom to respond – example: “Father, provide an environment to ___ in which he is free to confess and believe in Jesus as Lord openly.”
• For follow-up resources – example: “Lord, surround ___ with devotional materials, gospel broadcasts, fellowship opportunities, and courageous mentors.”
• For God’s honor – example: “God, may the redemption of ___ clearly display your character and glory.”
• Against spiritual blindness and bondage – example: “Lord, release ___ from Satan’s grip and open him to sense and know your grace in Jesus.”
• Against enabling socio-economic conditions – example: “Father, destroy the economic and social situations (research and name some) that constrain gospel proclamation, limit free response, promote ignorance, and perpetuate rejection of Jesus in the environment of ___.”

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