About OpRev


Militaries of the world have always been at the leading edge of intercultural relations and security is now America’s most prominent export. If professional exposure to some of the neediest parts of the world creates ministry opportunities, then no segment of the American church is more strategically positioned for cross-cultural impact than Christians who are in the U.S. military. Therefore, churches and para-church ministries must equip their military men and women to maximize the potential of their inevitable cross-cultural exposures.


As a ministry of Act Beyond, Operation Reveille helps military Christians to be, know, and do the character, knowledge, and behavior of Jesus Christ in cross-cultural contexts.


In addition to providing the latest ministry related information available through the Operation Reveille Journal, we provide Studies, Consulting and Published Resources.

Service and Support

Products and services of Operation Reveille are free. They are provided through a growing network of widely deployed associates. Mission to Unreached Peoples receives and channels tax deductible contributions. God is providing and is using Operation Reveille to mobilize untapped prayer, finances, and personnel resources for missions by creating awareness and opportunities among Christians in the US military community.

Command and Signal

For strategic involvement which has a leveraged impact on the least reached and most unstable areas of the world, consider what Operation Reveille can do for you or how you can participate.