Muslim Studies

The following organizations offer courses, seminars, and workshops to help Christians working among Muslims all over the world. Please contact the organizations directly for more information about their current offerings.

Horizons International: Engaging Islam
Phone: 303-442-3333

  • Weekends
  • Intensive Couses
  • Strategic Institue of Muslim Studies (SIMS)
  • Cubs to Lions, for Christians from a Muslim background

Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies (Columbia International University)
Phone: 803-807-5327

  • Islam through Christian and Muslim Eyes (also available by distance learning)
  • The Spirit World of Islam
  • Approaches to Muslims
  • Understanding Muslim Women (also available by distance learning)

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Currently offer 9 courses in Islamic Studies in the School of Evangelism and Missions.

Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Degrees offered in Islamic Studies.

Arab World Ministries

  • Summer Inst on Islam in Philadelphia (SIIP)
  • Foundations for Effective Witness & Minsitry to Muslims

Phone: 1-800-755-7955

  • Summer Training & Outreach Prog (STOP) in the New York Metro area morning classroom, afternoon application & cultural immersion

Crescent Project
Phone: 1-888-446-5457

  • Sahara Challenge: 1 wk orientation with study & community interaction.
  • Optional follow-on 1 & 2 week missions trip in USA or overseas.

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Phone: 1-417-866-3313

  • The Center for Ministry to Muslims at the Islamic Institute of AOGTS in Springfield, MO

Encountering the World of Islam (EWI)

  • 12-Week On-Line Course and Classroom Version
  • EWI conducts courses throughout the US in major cities including Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC, Colorado Springs, CO, Baltimore, MD, Spokane, WA, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Vancouver, BC, Atascadero, CA,San Francisco, CA, Jan Jose, CA, and Menlo Park, CA

The following seminars and workshops will come to you.

Ministry to Muslims Introduction to Islam
Phone: 1-719-597-0609

Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies (Columbia International University)
Phone: 1-800-777-2227

  • Muslim Awareness Seminars and Extension Courses

Crescent Project Sharing the Hope
Phone: 1-888-446-5457

  • 1 Day Seminars

44 Training

  • Love 4 Muslims – Truth 4 the Church

Horizons International Reach out to Muslims Seminars
Phone: 1-303-442-3333

Operation Reveille
Phone: 1-719-572-5908

  • Insights on Testimony for Christians in the Military

People of the Book
Phone: 1-703-978-2506

  • Lessons on Islam and Cross-Cultural Understanding

The Navigators
Phone: 1-719-578-8973

  • Lectures by Dr. Nabeel T. Jabbour

Good News for the Crescent World (GNFCW)
Phone: 1-817-275-3413

  • Seminars on Islam and Reaching out to Muslims

Encountering the World of Islam
Phone: 303-459-5344

  • Courses for Academic Credit

Operation Mobilization, UK
Markaz Tehquiq Al-Haq: